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DuD Compilation Vol. 2: Nintendo Pwrtrxxz (free dL)

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 7:51 pm
by kloudygirl
Digital Underdogs proudly present to you our newest, hottest compilation release!

DuD Comp Vol. 2: Nintendo Pwrtrxxz!


in this compilation we have some very cool nintendo-inspired nes game titled tracks from artists using various means and devices, everything from gameboys, to trackers, to korgds10 and etc. take a listen, download this, share it with ur friends!!! its sure to be a classic to add to ur collection of rad comps! thanx for checkin this out yo, there's def. something for everyone to dig in this! ^,^


1. PANDAstar - BR1Nstar (super metroid medley)
2. The Renegade Window Washer - Going Through The Castle Doors
3. Kloudygirl - Subatomic Power Cosmic (Silver Surfer Rmx)
4. DJ Hollow Life - Maximum Carnage
5. Steal 4 Ram - We Rock Ur Socks
6. Monovfox - Cynthia's Theme Remix
7. Gothickenshin-When Zelda fought the Noise
8. OhhBaby4Lyf - Sonic Vibe
9. Misirycord - MetalCoat Mario