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Attn iMS-20 users! - "Daily KORG iMS-20 Tune!"

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 10:32 am
by mistyminds
Sano-san from Detune (one of the people who brought us DS-10 and M01, along with iMS-20 for iPad)
has announced that on every day during this month, he will introduce his selection of
iMS-20 tracks which have been posted onto Soundcloud the day before.

Not really sure when he will start, but for those who are lucky
enough to have an iMS-20 on their iPad ready, this is a great
chance to have your tune recognized & introduced to the world
by the official team.

Summary and translation of Sano-san's post -

Every day this December, I will select and introduce
interesting iMS-20 tunes uploaded the day before.
ALL iMS-20 tunes uploaded onto Soundcloud will have
a chance to be selected the next day, regardless of whether
the tune had been created & released earlier.
Please consider this an extreme version of my "Song of the Day" selection.

I will try my best to also post English comments to the selected tunes -
something I had not done in the past.

At the end, out of all the tunes selected by myself(Sano) this month,
I hope to select and present the
"Daily KORG iMS-20 Tune! sanodg award Dec 2011"
and hopefully broadcast this process on ustream.

If I can tune in on time, I hope to provide realtime
English summaries of Sano-san's comments during the ustream show...

Good luck!

Re: Attn iMS-20 users! - "Daily KORG iMS-20 Tune!"

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:59 pm
by mistyminds
You can see Sano-san's selections on facebook: ... 8038508459

or by following his twitter account, @sanodg .