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just saying hi

Post by bryface » Thu Mar 29, 2012 6:45 am

hey guys, just saying hello! apologies for my absence in the last while, i've been hunkering down for the last couple of months trying to keep up with life and various projects that each threaten to sap up every last bit of my time if i'm not careful =)

just thought i'd keep you guys in the loop as to what i've been up to:

- i'm close to finishing a multi-part series of posts detailing my adventures in Japan last October, hanging out with the DS-10 community over there as well as some chiptune scenesters. i just have to proofread it a few more times, do some fact-checking, and i'll be ready to publish it somewhere.

- daiteng (super-accomplished noise & drone guru in japan) visited vancouver for a week, and we hung out and jammed and had a ton of fun! i'll post a little something related to that soon!

- lots of exploration on other platforms; some M01 stuff on the way, plus investing some time in getting better at programs like LSDJ and famitracker. trying to be careful not to get too carried away though, because...

- .. i've got an DS-10 album that i'm trying to finish in the next month or so! that's under wraps for now but i'm aiming for the overall scale of the release to be larger overall than my first album.

a lot of you have been pretty busy lately too, but i think that can only be a good thing - i'm reflecting on the last year or so and how cool it is that everyone is being wrapped up in their various DS-10 pursuits in their own unique way.

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