Promotions advice? Trying to get on a festival.

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Promotions advice? Trying to get on a festival.

Post by soultron » Tue May 08, 2012 12:54 am

So it's like this...
D&D Sluggers are vying for a spot on the Barnstock music festival this summer.
Basically we're trying to get more likes our facebook picture than other people on the page. <------ that's the pic.
Normally we'd talk with booking for the event and see what happens, but this was suggested by a friend.
Also, this was we avoid the submission fee.

So we're giving it a shot.
We're baffled because although we have 800 or so facebook fans we can't seem get over 150 likes so far. I've been posting the link every week on mondays and tuesdays. We need ways to get the excitement up. We've tried offering our album for free a 100 shares and that kinda peaked at 30. I did a new vid today to with info about the contest in the comments.

Are there any other things we could try?

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Re: Promotions advice? Trying to get on a festival.

Post by Decktonic » Tue May 08, 2012 1:57 am

You could create a Facebook event telling people to like the picture and then invite lots and lots of people to that event, and then offer to giveaway a free track or something if a certain number of people do it. | [url=ttp://]latest tracks[/url] | releases

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