A remix I did with the KORG iPolysix for iPad

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A remix I did with the KORG iPolysix for iPad

Post by Decktonic » Thu Feb 07, 2013 2:30 am

Hi all,

I heard KORG was having a remix contest for the iPolysix on iPad and I figured, oh well, I may as well take this as an opportunity to learn the program.

It's quite cool, probably my favorite of their iPad apps so far. It doesn't have the same synthesis options as the DS10, basically you get 2 synths and 6 drum tracks, but each synth is not a two-wave additive synth, instead you get one wave generator with 4 voice polyphony (chords! wow) and the options are Sine, Saw, PCM, PWM, and Noise. You have a couple Kaoss Pads for each synth and a nice mixer with effects. The coolest part (IMO) is the step sequencer which is much more complex than the DS10's step sequencer, you can have up to 64 steps per pattern and you get 32 patterns so your song can be quite long without much trouble :) Anyway it's worth checking out if you have an iPad and the interface is similar enough that you can make sense of it.

Here's the remix I did:
https://soundcloud.com/decktonic/p6-ret ... -decktonic

and here's the original track (one of the official bundled tracks):

It also has a very cool feature that any track you make in iPolysix can be uploaded to Soundcloud from inside the app and then it goes into the pool of tracks from the iPolysix community, and then any user can download your track and remix it right in the app. It's a great way to share tracks and get a peek at the techniques of the experts :)
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Re: A remix I did with the KORG iPolysix for iPad

Post by UncleBibby » Sat Feb 09, 2013 2:35 am

bravo. well done decktonic. it looks like a cool app. I have it on my dad's ipad mini but i only tried it once or twice.

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