Oh Yeah! My album review came out today!

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Oh Yeah! My album review came out today!

Post by AudioArtist » Fri Aug 30, 2013 6:20 pm

Some of you here have heard this album or parts thereof from it infancy up to its completion. I wanted to share this with you because this forum, besides having lots of friendly and knowledgeable DS-10 fans, was a huge influence and a big help in getting this album done. Plus some of these songs would never even happened without some of the tips and tricks that can be found here! Without the support of this site and the awesome people here this album simply would not exist.
So here's what they had to say,
http://www.theequalground.com/1/post/20 ... light.html

I hope you enjoy it! Just click the Bandcamp link at the bottom of the review or in my sig to listen or buy.

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