HarleyLikesMusic 29th October (Best gig to date)

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HarleyLikesMusic 29th October (Best gig to date)

Post by HarleyLikesMusic » Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:47 pm

29th of October was quite a long day for me, for starters i was working from 7am till 3pm meaning i woke at 5 to go to work, after that i went home, got ready and went to a party in Sheffield that i was going to be playing at.
I had been drinking coffee and energy drinks all day because i knew it was going to be a long tiring day, so by this point i was pacing around and talking a lot.
I played my set from 11pm to 11:30pm at this party, everyone enjoyed it but i wasn't so happy with it, i made loads of mistakes when mixing between ds's and afterwards i was beating myself up over it, no one else notice the mistakes though so that was good.
We (me and a few friends) stayed for a while longer and then got a taxi to another part of Sheffield to a venue called m-code which i was also going to be playing at that night.
We arrived about 00:30am, the venue was a huge warehouse, it was dark, it was busy and almost everyone except me in the venue was on something (hence why i had been drinking coffee and energy drinks all day, i stay away from other stuff)
Every one else on the lineup were DJ's playing heavy driving drum n bass, no other live acts other than me and there were loads of mc's, i'm not going to lie, i was terrified, for these reasons:
Everyone was playing 180 bpm drum n bass, my whole set was 140bpm.
I made mistakes at the last gig that night and i didn't want to make them again.
If i made a mistake whilst someone was mcing it would stand out even more (mc's work with so many bars a time so on some parts i had to change things)
The label who is releasing my ep in december was there (pressure)
I was told i was playing at 3am till 3:30am and that night was the night the clocks went back, i didn't have a clue when in time i was, i only had my phone and i wasn't sure if it updated the time itself.

Rather than worrying, i danced until i was so hot i had to take off my mario costume (halloween parties)
It got to 2:45 am (of the previous days time) and i set up my equipment at the end of the dj booth, got set up fine.
At 3am one of the mc's introduced me and away i went!
Everyone was dancing, everyone was loving it!
MC's were lining up wanting to do there thing over the nintendo music, people were taking videos/photos, i raised my arms before drops and everyone else copied, i was going fucking nuts and i didnt make any mistakes at all.
There was an amazingly awkward moment for one of the MC's, i started playing my Day and Night remix, and everyone started going nuts, when it eventually got to the drop everyone went even MORE nuts, thats when i heard the mc shout "REEEEWWWIIIND" I immediately laughed, "I can't do a spin back on a Nintendo DS"
When i finished i got so much great feedback from people, i can say it was the best gig i have ever played.
We stayed or a bit longer, handed out business cards to a few people, walked back in to town in the early hours of the morning and bought some junk food to finish off my long day.
Hope you enjoyed my little adventure :)
DS-10 Producers that I have seen live:
AuxPulse, Critical Strike, DS-10 Dominator

(I will travel the world and add a lot more to this list one day)

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Re: HarleyLikesMusic 29th October (Best gig to date)

Post by Decktonic » Mon Oct 31, 2011 5:11 pm

ha, that's awesome!

I hate when MCs do the rewind, it's the worst.
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Re: HarleyLikesMusic 29th October (Best gig to date)

Post by bowie » Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:49 am

great read you are very talented,did you release the ep?


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