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DS-10 Stories #2 "DS-10 Picnic on the Beach!" 08/01/09

Posted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 6:34 am
by CardiacTrance
Before going into the topic, I will write the overview of the "DS-10 Picnic."

The "Picnic" was first held on April 29th, 2009 by Watanabe, one of the DS-10 users.
Picnic kept growing bigger and bigger, and he held total number of 9 picnics in 2009.
The most remarkable aspects of the picnic are, it's totally user-powered, and it is open to
everybody who is interested in DS-10.

If you think you suck but you want to play in front of others, go ahead! You are very welcome.
If you think you suck and you don't want to perform, it's totally fine. Take it easy!
You just want to hang out and drink? Come join us and have fun!
You even don't own a DS-10? Fine, as long as you are interested in it.
Girls? Oh please please please COME JOIN!! (last line by Watanabe.)

Basically we hang out and drink outside (public parks, beaches, and so on).
We bring small sound systems like Mobile Cubes (because if we get too loud,
somebody would call the police and we will be in a trouble.)
You are encouraged to bring DS-10, but it's totally fine to bring other electronic/acoustic
instruments as well. You even don't have to bring any.

The first picnic in 2010 will be on April 4th, at Tama riverside park.

"DS-10 Picnic on the Beach! @Chigasaki" 08/01/09

One of the biggest DS-10 Picnic was held just a week after DS-10's first birthday party.
About 40 people including Sano and Mr.Kanamori from KORG showed up and had a
gorgeous BBQ party on the beach in Chigasaki.

It was a hot, hot summer day. I packed up my DS-10s, my Native American flutes, and
lots of booze, then got on the train with my friends. I didn't bring my swim suit
because we were suppose not to swim there. (the water gets deep all the sudden)

Around 11:00 a.m., after we arrived at Chigasaki Station, we found some DS-10 buddies.
We walked down to the beach together looking for the place. We heard the ocean tide, and
all sorts of chaotic electronic noise.

"Hey, aren't they DS-10 people?"
"Yeah, definitely."
Photo by Mather
Surrounding the small camping tents and BBQ grill, there were about 15 people.
Gulliver was already there preparing some food.

"Hey, Welcome Haku-chan (That's how everybody call me), Sano is already here!"
"Where is he?"

He just pointed the ocean. There was a tip of snorkel sticking out from the water.
Yeah I love Sano so much. :lol:
Photo by Mather
My friend and I put our booze in the cooler with everybody else's. There were about
3 big cooler full of all sorts of booze. I took my DS-10s out and hook em up to the sound
system and played for a while, but there were too many people playing at the
same time so I couldn't figure out who was playing what. Also I could not see my
DS screen because of the sunshine. I gave up playing and helped cooking.
Photo by Mather
I opened my Awamori and took a shot, and it was the moment that things started to
go wrong for me. (Awamori is the Okinawan hard liquor, which is very, very smooth.)
Photo by Mather
Photo by Mather
Soon, the food was ready. We had huge beef steak, teriyaki BBQ chicken, Korean
style grilled meat, sausages, baked vegetables, and lots of different appetizers.
It was gorgeous and everything tasted so good. I kept pouring Awamori in my cup
while I was drinking other stuff, like beer and wine.
Photo by Mather
It was a beautiful sunny day. I was sitting on the beach and watching time ...whatever.
Everybody looked like they were having fun. I saw a guy half naked playing a trumpet.
My friend Ron was walking around playing his DS-10 with a speaker hanging from his shoulder.
Some of my friends and I wrote huge letter "DS-10" on the sand with rocks and drift woods.
I played with Koishistyle's kids and Kobits. I was totally covered with mud at this time.
Watanabe jumped into the ocean with his cell phone in his pocket.
Somebody threw his puppy into the ocean.
Photo by Mather
Photo by Mather
It's me giving an outside synth class to Kobits. Do you see the letters on the sand?
Photo by Mather
I took my Native American flutes out and started to play them. Bit far away from the sound systems,
there were about 6 people making a circle, sitting on the sand, and playing acoustic instruments.
Some of them were hitting cans with drift woods and chopsticks.

"Hey, I need to go to the bathroom. Where is it?"
"It's that way. It's kinda far away."
"Fine. I just run, so I'll be back soon."

After this conversation, I don't remember much stuff.

It is not a good idea drinking hard, dehydrated, running allover under the strong sunlight.

I remember puking on the grass near the bathroom and telling my friends;
"I'm okay. I'm okay. no worries.."

My friend told me later I managed to come back from the bathroom, and passed out
for a while on the beach. When I woke up, the sun was going down and my head was on my
friend's knees. There were some people taking care of me. Oh, my. I was so embarrassed. :oops:

The party was over when outside got totally dark. I was still pretty drunk but being able to walk.
It was a miracle I didn't lose anything. (Especially my DS-10! That would have been horrible!)

Except for the part I passed out and Watanabe destroyed his cell phone, it was a great party. :mrgreen:

Thanks for reading!

Re: DS-10 Stories #2 "DS-10 Picnic on the Beach!" 08/01/09

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:36 pm
by DS-10 Dominator
Haha, laughing my ass off here. :D :cry: :mrgreen: Summer is so nice... and a bit dangerous ;).

What are those small stereo speaker systems you have there?

Re: DS-10 Stories #2 "DS-10 Picnic on the Beach!" 08/01/09

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:13 pm
by CardiacTrance
DS-10 Dominator:
I have an another good story for ya.
Watanabe had too much fun...and well, I'll post it later. ;-)
I'm not quite sure about all the speakers except for Mobile Cubes.

Re: DS-10 Stories #2 "DS-10 Picnic on the Beach!" 08/01/09

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:33 pm
by DS-10 Dominator

Ah I see, it's the mobile cube I meant :).

Re: DS-10 Stories #2 "DS-10 Picnic on the Beach!" 08/01/09

Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 5:18 pm
by Decktonic
Wow that food sounded awesome. Not a good thing for me to read about since I am on a diet!

Re: DS-10 Stories #2 "DS-10 Picnic on the Beach!" 08/01/09

Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2010 5:07 pm
by CardiacTrance
I'm actually on a diet too, because all the DS-10 related events feed me so well.