Digital Audio Laboratory interview with Detune

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Digital Audio Laboratory interview with Detune

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Interview, a few pictures, and samples. ... 93503.html

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Re: Digital Audio Laboratory interview with Detune

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(quite terrible :() Google translate:


432 times No.: DS-10 DS Nintendo development team look for a synthesis "KORG M01"
~ Dare "user unfriendly" and a commitment to? -

Image Image
KORG M01 Okamiya his left, Mr. Sano, Mr. Mitsuda
■ "enjoy making music," independent game company to develop software

Fujimoto:KORG M01 is the momentum is planning what is it in?

Mr. Michio Okamiya

Okamiya:Before I thank you. Originally a company before, AQ Interactive goes back to when I was. The idea of the DS-10 PLUS is about equal to or slightly before.

Assistant:But MS-10, MS-20 M1 that followed, but also the age I feel like a lot away, M1 idea of where are you from?

Okamiya:between Sano and I were discussing with quite different. DS-I was developed in a very good team 10, and I want to do together and Korg's means, MS-10/20 even say that he came out of the evolving legal system, such as synthesizers and beyond the next generations Taga, So right now who are enjoying sorry DS-10. Rather, DS-Soft enjoy making music since I was 10 and now I try and talk to those that enjoy making music.

Mr. Sano Nobuyoshi

Sano:But this is something that the key is not found. What would a song, what sequence features are so if you ask ... I was stewing. Meanwhile, DS is on the M1 I? Started talking about it, this is it! I thought. I myself was a synthesis of M1 from personal feelings as well. The start is specifically developed recently. I quit the company before, and now the company since the beginning.

Fujimoto:AQ Interactive quit this DETUNE Could tell us a little about how the companies that made?

Okamiya:AQ Interactive also because the game company, other than products that make it very difficult game. I, the gaming industry so much, I can well appreciate the circumstances of the neighborhood, DS-10 makes it very interesting, I think they now hope to continue this work on the extension Mashita. However, the reality is that even shelved out a plan, the limit was supposed to feel.

Fujimoto:DS-Do you have any, but only hit 10?

Okamiya:What To Do company recommends not play games ... I'll be self-denial. I think now it's rather a shortcut to independence has left the company in late March. Of course, only one person can not do anything. Therefore, DS-I tried to talk to Mr. Mitsuda for her expertise in the sound part 10. Mr. Mitsuda also said talk of making what had been long since then.

Yasunori Mitsuda

Mitsuda:Let the M1 next, I had heard that, since not heard a word (laughs). Nde I am impatient, "I do not do bad Ssu soon!" Settsukimashita (laughs).
Okamiya:DETUNE could be the boost it is thanks to Mr. Mitsuda. Mitsuda's Procyon Studio, so the president, and making it together into a capital in the form of an added Procyon, established 5 DETUNE month. It is a real operation in June. The project is moving toward KORG M01 is that since the beginning of June.

Fujimoto:Previously, DS-10 development when interviewed, had a little story I heard Procyon Studio, can you tell us about the role of Mitsuda's again!

Mitsuda:DS-I was first called out to Mr. Sano for 10 projects, now listening to "sell it, definitely interesting" I thought, prompt decision on the words "together means" and I remember that story. Since then, we have developed with very Bettari. Procyon Studio staff are part of the sound driver and sequencer part. Sound drivers from the machine was making their own game, here is the know-how in had.

Fujimoto:that the sound driver?

Mitsuda:The driver is distributed from various developers each console maker, and I quite reach where itchy. Hardware drivers are making the game machine according to each company there. If you talk to her to such trade, now say you want to use the game maker and writer who also left many now sell middleware. And quality will be up, running a sequencer or low-load, compression and Nintendo DS is on it had the know-how in its own way.

Assistant:Mr. Okamiya Well, Mr. Sano, is added together make a Korg synthesizer engine and Mitsuda's team I do not have DS-10 development. KORG M01 Is this going to be a member of the same development?

Sano:Yes, in parts of the sound is right. Korg's making the sound, making parts of Procyon's sequencer. Then the next design stage, there are user interface. AQ DS-10 when it had developed in an interactive, we are getting into the Audio Co., Ltd. Akira Ueda part of this design.
Okamiya:Actually, I Ueda Mr. Mitsuda also, I'm all square was previously co-worker. Mr. Ueda happened when I met a long time "DS-I'm thinking of something like 10 to make our schedule available?" In reply I asked two guys are OK. I think it was around April certainly was a real story.
■ "bubble of sound" recording abundance

Running on a PC screen KORG Legacy Collection M1

Assistant:provides concrete examples I'd like for KORG M01, in the first place Korg KORG Legacy Collection for the PC soft-You were the M1? This is M01 KORG KORG Legacy Collection is based on that Why?

Sano:there was a great asset and I think certainly that. However, DS in order to optimize, tweak it as much. For example, M1 represents the sound of one more ring tones combine it has an in COMBINATION mode, the sound of the M1 mode has been recognized by many as sound.

The form is used to select the tone from being recorded 334

 However, DS and how these sound, the sound Shimai reached the maximum limit of now, it is difficult to use the song. Therefore, we can remake as a single instrument sound more 組Mi合Waseta the tone of these sounds with more Rashii M1, DS has enabled it to make music on. As the tone of the sound has been recorded 334 KORG M01, and M1 all the original PCM waveform data, I include.

Fujimoto:Well, already had the raw data PCM DS So you brought.

Can play in real time to play the keyboard that appears

Mitsuda:Actually, does not seem so simple. DS I'm making so crowded with beautiful sounds. In one tone, for example, loop points in the original M1 had the rear ones, M01 or bring in before. Compared with the current technology of the time loop has been significant progress since has been fine-tuned.

Sano:Actually the M1 and M01 compared to the same tones side by side in detail, it is definitely different. However, M01 has sounded the impression I'm just the sound of M1. At that time, M1 is a great I thought the sound of the piano, I just revived memories of that time. The DS is really refine M1 to achieve. Korg's also just ask you how are you handling, and I even taught me a trade secret (laughs).

Fujimoto:I'm like that. M1 is the most time and now the price is different from the ROM need not be so small, it can be sampled data I'm recording everything?

Mitsuda:Certainly not need to worry about the amount of ROM is not the issue of internal memory there. ROM If you only get sound from the stream, and even if you have, increasing the number of voices, CPU or to reduce the load on memory and better良Katsu. However, because the main memory not so big, it is absolutely required shape up.
Sano:more as a result not only in M1 PCM sound that will put the data, 01 / W or place the sound of, they decided to become an extra tones .... 01 / W has been received regarding the selection of Korg's Not the way that it encompasses. In fact, there is also talk that sounds like入Remashou recently have been listed. I had a lot of very good tone, M1 Narrow feel the sound of that era with the instruments, and. That's the sound of the M1 during the bubble period from the late 80s early 90s I. So I mainly focused tone there, and. 01 / W have been from another, then added a sound that is essential. It took the guitar or vocals, etc, so the bamboo flute. After an instrument Dattari Chaka Khan, I like Okehitto.

Assistant:Certainly, this chorus guitar, Scritti Politti I sound like! orchestra hit and then I yearned. Many come looking for classical CD, the powerful head or what I do this first movement .... This Okehitto M01, and revived memories like that, too.

Okamiya:I wonder how he would use any song sound of today's young son the late 1980s these, I'm really looking forward to it. I think that will make a song we think of something, Just like that.
■ "user unfriendly" reproduced at M1

Fujimoto:By the way, this sequencer feature, M1 and these things different?

KORG M01-screen sequence. The editing function is also 鳴Raseru wind chords in the piano roll screen is better than the DS-10

Sano:It is completely original DS-a development of 10 ones. M1 sequencer felt like we had something to punch in a two-line text LCD. I was out of the atmosphere of the time I can reproduce it I thought it. But it was stopped in the rough that everyone (laughs). But clearly much, easy to use you, M1 so estranged from the image they have developed is user Anfurendori. This is the atmosphere of the time, M1 is what I give off the feel of.
Okamiya:The whole story is not just a sequencer, it was my very first design was very different. Knob or some design was also more vivid color. Sano is much, but it did - it was in ....

LCD screen displayed in the upper strike a user unfriendly

Sano:The ringing sound is excellent feeling out period. Looks like the absence of that, but somehow never lodged in that sense. , In the so-called ... Overturning. Mr. Ueda and programmers responsible for the design and I am sorry but, the finished sound great thanks to all competitive. Users are sprinkled everywhere Anfurendori. They appear on the screen function keys for example, shows how Nikukattari understand what that acronym, you know. But get used to the operation and can operate quite quickly. Moreover, hand movements Dattari no idea people even try .... It is a pleasure, I'm feeling that time.

Assistant:Yes, I resigned maniac obsession. M1 separately nor I have the same design, M1 whiff of it has come out well. This sequencer features, DS-something for 10, compared to what?

Sano:The basic idea is the same, I put your heart into the chords of a big difference. Also, select a section, is that the operation can become as easy to copy or move. And not only can be set up to a maximum of 64 to 16 the number of steps. You can type in a long melody that is equivalent to four bars. If you doubled the tempo in this case, a 32 note 16 note instead of one step is used as a technique can be used if the note 4 times 64 minutes. You can change the settings from the tempo and steps for each scene, I'm fairly high degree of freedom.

DS-Doramueditto screen also makes it easier to use compared to 10 We have arranged the songs and scenes made Doramueditto Piano roll screen

Mitsuda:max tempo is 360 and are currently out of multiple sounds simultaneously, depending on how far the machine is born, this maximum may change in the future. 8 There are a few tracks, but each is able to use polyphonic, so the maximum polyphony is 12, and I win here.
■ The music data can be exchanged with other DS

Fujimoto:folded sequence data in this way, or are you saving it?

Okamiya:You can save up to 10-track memory in the body. Since there is no way other than keep the body after the KORG DS-sound audio data from an earphone output as well as our 10 PC or imported into, M01 songs wirelessly exchange data between if I'll back up again if I could have one, right?

Fujimoto:Recently, Twitter DETUNE write in an interview to go, and have asked for an external MIDI means want to hear about the cooperation with.

Okamiya:Unfortunately, this is not. Certainly such request from the DS-10 in the user's got so nervous, do not think not. But the Nintendo DS but also that we had a hard constraint, but more than that of the M01 terminal that I'd use a single tool is not all in one. Means, and the DS stylus and the brain need your body and experience the pleasure M01 will be an immersive and integrated.

Fujimoto:Wi-Fi fly with MIDI is that you?

Mitsuda:I would absolutely out of synchronization and latency issues, it is hard to say.
Okamiya:DS-10 now when you synchronize up to eight. This synchronization has a tough time. And also to synchronize multiple CPU load increases, the limit was about synchronization of the song start and stop together. And I made, but somehow, I did it with me all this syncing. Youtube and Nico Nico and I have never seen anything like that ... will be in sync. Because everyone still musician, playing from automatic sync badly, I guess you prefer a real fit.
Sano:Wi-Fi can not be real-time synchronization, data exchange is enabled. For example, A drum part that's making passes to Mr. B, B based on additional data it's passing ... it's like C can.

Fujimoto:In the earlier story, M01 KORG not make noise, and it was a concept that has been making music, edit sound or are you on?

Drum kits, each volume of each sound, pan, pitch can be set

Sano:Basically you can not. I use a select from 334 tones, this choosing A (attack) and R (release) has only two possible configuration changes. Snare drum Also, hi-hat, kick and use 12 sounds, each volume, pan, pitch can be set. At first I also thought with the filters, I'd like to concentrate on making music again, and.

Fujimoto:M1 Speaking remember that I had very substantial effects. At that time, they built two multi-effect systems are just starting out ... yet. How does this effect are you going?

Effects KORG M01 is only with the reverb and delay to

Sano:Here is the problem of the CPU power too, squeezed in reverb and delay. Including the sound effects sound so sure of M1, M01 are used as sample data in the sound effects-filled. Hall reverb with here, the room, there are three springs, and I had many discussions here. In Korg's reverb is according to this specification is intended as a last minute present quality standards, to lay out much, and. But exactly because of the atmosphere at the time of this reverb, and I strongly hope that somehow asked. Vintage synth has been evaluated in general, but it is so I do not evaluate the original digital reverb. This Finally, I have become the first in digital reverb vintage to be evaluated (laughs).

Fujimoto:I feel a little hard work this chock, or have the capability to do still more?

Sano:Well, DS-10 features I was also in chaos pad is evolving. This is really confusing'll have to touch, feel much change can also play chords. Chaos pad drum kit you can play again. Simple pattern left ringing, get up and go fast right. It also will change the Y axis in the pattern, I just enjoy it.
Mitsuda:REC chaos performing pad can also be used as it is recorded in the sequencer function. Here it is the same as DS-10. The recording will be quantized in the form it took, then it can be edited freely. So, for those who are not particularly familiar with the input drum, I think pretty interesting and useful.

Finished on the mixer screen user Anfurendori
Sano:After the screen is a bit stuck in the mixer. M1 to give the appearance of bread whiff of "1:9" or "7:3" I figure I have to. Please enjoy it fully user Anfurendori here (laughs).

Fujimoto:Finally, I'll come for the release date. Had been announced and released in late December, as we wait in which I quite, you can become a little earlier or do not you do it and where, what might still be a design change ?

Okamiya:It leads to keep you waiting, I'm sorry. Prepare production and distribution, but with the inversion and debugging time, you really need about four months. As we show soon, so I thought anyway, when you set to release later this year, it was announced August 30 that the timing of the last minute. What you need are already equipped with all are now working on detailed debugging. Therefore, it is not a major design change that here. So please forward to us.

Fujimoto:Thank you.
After the interview, KORG M01 had been sounded in some of the sound recording. But was recorded in one small Setsubun looping sequencer in one instrument, the use of the KORG MR-2. Nintendo DS to the stereo output of the MR-2 LINE IN connected to Tta book. Even though recording 24bit/48kHz not recorded in DSD. But because it is a little overkill, cut into small Setsubun one hand, on are normalized to 192kbps for MP3.

Nintendo DS and KORG M01 containing KORG MR-recorded stereo mini cable to connect the two

 Okamiya said, the relationship between this test using the ROM, but using the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi if 鳴Rase in the retail version, and it sounds more high-quality sound. Discount'd listen to that point. In addition, KORG M01 2 songs demo songs in MP3, so you will be equipped with, let me on, too. Most of the demo songs and replacement, it might also participate in the editing, as the moment Please understand.

Sample Record
drum1.mp3 (191KB) drum2.mp3 (136KB) chorus_guitar.mp3 (183KB)
piano.mp3 (243KB) orchestra_hit.mp3 (93.9KB)  
MP3 files of the demo songs
demo1.mp3 (3.55MB) demo2.mp3 (3.58MB)
Editor's Note:The individual questions about the playback environment Please note that we will not answer. ... /drum1.mp3 ... /drum2.mp3 ... guitar.mp3 ... /piano.mp3 ... ra_hit.mp3 ... /demo1.mp3 ... /demo2.mp3

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