Vapid Fire (epic battling music on Korg M01)

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Vapid Fire (epic battling music on Korg M01)

Post by UncleBibby » Tue Jun 14, 2011 3:14 pm

I made this song yesterday, and it reminds me of those scenes in movies like Lord of the Rings where an army is marching to their undeniable doom. The camera focuses on different soldiers in the army one at a time, showing how each of them is coping with the knowledge of their fate.

When I made this one, I noticed that a lot of my songs would have a melody that repeats for a while, then switch to a different melody for a while, then go to a third one and the song would be over. I wanted to change that, so for this song I made one major melody that takes a long time to repeat, but is repeated multiple times (but there's also one other melody). I hope you like the new composing method, tell me if I should use it again.

Constructive criticism is welcome.

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