Why the DS-10 happens to amaze me

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Why the DS-10 happens to amaze me

Post by mrsonic699 » Mon Sep 03, 2012 1:06 pm

The DS-10 Is amazing. Not because it's an insaley powerful Synth or such (Even though it is pretty darn powerful). But because being so accessible by so many people, It has proven how powerful such a mediocre synth can be. It has proven that it matters how you use something to create music, not only what you have to create music.
You can basically squeeze out insanely many stuff from such a thing.

It's also amazing how this thing created such a huge community. Uniting musicians and other people togheter only because of how accessible this thing is. Almost anyone can have it really.

It's just mindblowing. Once again, Korg didn't happen to dissapoint me at all. They never did :D

Oh, and, An off topic question:
What are the differences between the DS Lite (Or normal DS) and the DSi when using the Korg DS-10 Plus? I have never heard of any, And I'm darn curious, Since I own a DS Lite. Thanks for reading, by the way :)
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Re: Why the DS-10 happens to amaze me

Post by 8-bot » Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:04 am

+1 Korg DS-10 is Fun!
The main difference between using a DS or a a Dsi, is that the later supports 12 voices (not only 6) and the lenght of the songs can be twice as long. There is another minor update but I just can't remember it =)

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