[NL] AuxPulse - Dream Stages album launch + VJ Rosa Menkman

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[NL] AuxPulse - Dream Stages album launch + VJ Rosa Menkman

Post by DS-10 Dominator » Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:19 am

Michael and I (Rutger) met through our mutual obsession with a small synthesizer for the Nintendo DS (KORG DS-10). At that time I was mainly focussing on rave music (house, gabber, etc.), while Michael was exploring the mystical side of electronic music (IDM, ambient, etc). We decided to work on an album that was truly a 50-50 mix of both our styles, with classic acid sounds as a binding factor.

Now, about one year later, we very proudly present our album 'Dream Stages'. We put our hearts and souls into creating all the synthesizer sounds and subsequently composing psychedelic rave music with a nostalgic touch. The whole album was made using a Nintendo DS with Korg DS-10, by bouncing 'saves' back and forth between both our DSes.

We will provide a 2.5 hour live set with awesome visuals created live by Rosa Menkman (http://rosa-menkman.blogspot.com/) Please come, if you like classic acid/IDM/techno/ambient. See you there! (Damage; €10,- and €5-, for students)

Listen to a sneak peak here http://soundcloud.com/auxpulse

Part of an exhibition about games and art, that starts with lectures at 19:00! http://www.stedelijk.nl/nu-in-stedelijk ... it-load-it You can also access the whole of the museum.
soundcloud.com/auxpulse soundcloud.com/ds10dominator

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