HarleyLikesMusic LIVE 6 Gigs upcoming in UK

Promote your live gig or post any other event or live show featuring KORG DS-10 (+) / M01 / DS-10 / iDS-10, iPolysix / iMS-20 / Gadget / etc.
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HarleyLikesMusic LIVE 6 Gigs upcoming in UK

Post by HarleyLikesMusic » Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:22 am

Quite happy to have 6 gigs booked :) everythings going pretty well ! if theres any guys or gals from the UK who are part of this forum who fancey a trip to one of my gigs, ill gladly help you get down to one as best as i can.
Would be mint to meet some of you in person !
All gigs are posted on my myspace page
Harleyx ;)
DS-10 Producers that I have seen live:
AuxPulse, Critical Strike, DS-10 Dominator

(I will travel the world and add a lot more to this list one day)

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