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Handheld music night in Oslo!

Posted: Thu Jul 15, 2010 5:08 pm
by alexusual
Hi :D

We are organizing a open monthly night in Oslo, Norway for people who make music on handheld devices (not just DS!). The idea is to have half hour sets of any kind, track battles and any eksperimental handheld stuff people can think of!

the first one was last month and we had an ambient set performed on DS and then a mix between DS and Piggy Tracker on a Dingoo! Lots of fun was had by all and all sort of people going ooo and ahhha at our little machines!

You can listen to a pre-record of that mix here :

We are looking for people to play sets of any kind of music using handhelds, if u are interested send me a message here! We have spaces at the end of Oct and November and are thinking about doing a big one in Dec.

The next 1 is on the 24th Sept at 21:00.

If anybody wants to travel to Oslo to play you will be very welcome - we can put u up and buy u some beers but cant pay any travel or whotnot :)

Ity Bity Out :mrgreen: