AFROMAN, D&D Sluggers, and Team Cloud Surfer at The Soapbox!

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AFROMAN, D&D Sluggers, and Team Cloud Surfer at The Soapbox!

Post by soultron » Thu Oct 07, 2010 7:11 pm

I'll just leave this here...

The Soapbox
255 N Front St.
Wilmington, NC

I was gonna go to this show, but then I got high. And went to this show.


"Using a low-cost microphone, tape deck and mixer — purchased by his parents to 'keep him out of trouble' — the novice rapper went from ragging on his teacher to crafting spirited tapes filled with his patented mixture of perceptive humor and straight-from-the-street sentiments."


"They’re emerging as the 'band to see' on the Wilmington scene."
Justin Lacy - Encore Magazine
"Fun, dancy, video-game-loving nerd rock band that uses, among other things, a Nintendo DS and a Game Boy to get its synthy sound. It’s no novelty act, though, because rockers like 'Level Up' are totally legit."
John Staton - Star News Online


" become the greatest there ever has been and will be." ... 7100179123

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