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kloudygirl - DIECAST POCKET MONSTERS cd release (free dL)

Posted: Sun May 01, 2011 12:23 pm
by kloudygirl
Image ... t-monsters

free download of my 2nd chiptune album!!! its got a mix of korgds tunes with a few other tracks non-korg related as well as a few collabs, but definitely some good jams. be shur to check it out! and share with ur friends!! :P

track listing:
1.proxima centauri hijinx ratatat 02:58
2.BUCKAROO BANZAI 8th Bit Dimensional RMX 02:51
3.nitemare jammer 03:22
4.battleground tonite ft. electro dreams 03:01
5.coldcycles 03:09
6.walterean b3 02:34
7.rentacenter stole my identity and ate my brain ft. i-rod + tracy 06:46
8.obsession (cover) ft. I KILLED TECHNO! 03:14
9.rollerhell phantom 07:13
10.microzone correction ft. RIG 01:21
11.frozen jungle 01:28
12.Our love will kill us both ft. I KILLED TECHNO! 02:24

plus bonus track:
13.obsession (cover) psychotik-split personality version 03:14