The Micronauts & Bosco - Hoochie Coochie [TIC06] with video

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The Micronauts & Bosco - Hoochie Coochie [TIC06] with video

Post by Widowsky » Sat Mar 17, 2012 12:36 am

Hi everyone,

I came accross this forum a few weeks ago, thanks to an article on Create Digital Music. What a great place, with a lot of knowledgeable contributors! I found it a funny coincidence because I worked on this very song that I will present now. Please let me introduce my next single, The Micronauts & Bosco - Hoochie Coochie, to be released 26 March on Micronautics.

At the origin of the song, a dirty bass line, that I improvised with the Korg DS-10. Obviously many other instruments and softwares have been used (Akai MPC2000, Eventide H3000 SE, Lexicon 200, Oberheim DX, Roland Juno 106, etc. not forgetting a genuine Korg MS-10). However the DS-10 is the big synth bass which is playing all along and which is occupying the major part of the frequency spectrum. The song is literally built around it.

I hope you'll enjoy it.

Christophe (The Micronauts)


The Micronauts & Bosco "Hoochie Coochie": ... ie-coochie
The Micronauts & Bosco "Hoochie Coochie (Instrumental)": ... strumental
The Micronauts & Bosco "Hoochie Coochie (Video Version)": ... eo-version

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