SITEB - THINGSTOCOME (Upcoming Tracks)

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SITEB - THINGSTOCOME (Upcoming Tracks)

Post by SS7117 » Wed Jul 18, 2012 11:55 pm

This is small collection of songs I will be releasing in the next month or two, which may or may not be released together. Keep in mind these are all works in progress and may go through some minor or major changes. Hope that u enjoy and hopefully u keep and eye out for whats to come. :)

All the tracks were created using a program called Korg DS-10+ for the Nintendo DS, and recorded using Audacity.

2-LCM (Los Chicos Malos)
3-Working Title
4-Working Title
6-LILLOF (Little Loaf)
7-Working Title
8-Working Title ... ing-tracks
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