Control Rod Samurai Soundtrack! ...and more!!

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Control Rod Samurai Soundtrack! ...and more!!

Post by CardiacTrance » Sun Nov 11, 2012 4:56 am

Hi, everyone. :)

It's CardiacTrance from Japan!

It's been quite a while since I posted last time.
I lost my password and could not sign in. My bad.
I found my password today. Yay! :D

I would like to introduce the CD album
"Control Rod Samurai Haku The Movie Soundtrack."
Front Jacket
I was a producer of the CD and 10 others joined. It's a compilation album.
All the songs had to feature some sort of Japanese materials, like traditional
Japanese instruments, Sound effects, or Japanese musical scales.
The CD
9 songs are techno/house/Drum'n'Bass/trance and industrial
noise music features Japanese sounds.(I call them "Samurai Techno.")
Other 2 songs are Japanese Samurai Movie soundtrack-like ambient tunes.

Approx 70% artists used KORG DS-10 or KORG M01 to compose the songs, and that is why
I'm posting here. ;)

List of the artists (alphabetic order)
Akinori Nemoto

CT+X (Techno unit by CardiacTrance and X-traX)
DJ zetu
Kaoru Watanabe

Rutger Muller (His work is only for online download.)

Watch the cool promotion video with the songs on CD.
(There is me going crazy with my fake (but cool) Japanese sword in the video!

And this is a different version of the cross fade demo.

Now, are you interested in purchasing the CD?
I DO international shipping!

The CD will come with a letter from Haku the Samurai, beautifully written with a brush pen
on the beautiful Japanese Chiyogami paper! All the letters are written one by one just for you!
All the CD artworks are done by me, and printed professionally.

The cost will be $20 per 1 CD, including handling & shipping.
Additional $5 required if you want insured shipping.

I feel bad it's expensive...
The oversea shipping fee is just ridiculously high in Japan, and it makes the CD pricy...

Also, I am selling "Battery Operated: Girls Only 2." It's our second album. I wrote two songs for it, plus
did the CD design artwork. It's professionally printed as well. mistyminds also wrote two songs.
The songs are solely composed with battery operated gears like DS-10.

Watch the promotion movie here!

The cost will be $15 per 1 CD, but if you order Control Rod Samurai CD together,
it will be just additional $10 per 1 CD.

I'm also selling "reasons to be a bitch", which is my own album,
for $15 per 1 CD. It will be $10 if ordered with other CDs.
Cross fade demo ... be-a-bitch
Most songs are made with DS-10 and DS-10+

I bet I'm being confusing with the costs. Let me sort them a bit.

Control Rod Samurai Haku The Movie Soundtrack
=$20 per 1 CD (Including shipping & handling fee.)

Battery Operated: Girls Only 2
=$15 per 1 CD (Including shipping & handling fee.)
=$10 per 1 CD(If you order it with other CDs.)

reasons to be a bitch
=$15 per 1 CD (Including shipping & handling fee.)
=$10 per 1 CD(If you order it with other CDs.)

If you want the insured shipping, additional $5 will be required for each shipping.

Please feel free to ask me questions. (-;
And please buy the CDs! They are awesome! :)

Older albums are on iTunes, so it is easy to purchase.

Battery Operated Girls Only (1st album) is available on iTunes. ... d529920258
Promotion Video

There are my tunes on some other albums as well. ... d495905844 ... d441483973

Please check them out!
If you are purchasing the CDs, please contact me.
You can post here, or you can send a private message.

These are pics I used for the promotion. ;)
# I had to change the pricing a bit. My calculation was wrong. :x


CardiacTrance / Yotsuchi Systems
Graphic Design, Illustration, animation, electronic music.
Official Web(portfolio):

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Re: Control Rod Samurai Soundtrack! ...and more!!

Post by mistyminds » Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:40 pm

My album "Me and My Shadow" is also available by mail order.
All tracks were created solely by KORG DS-10 or KORG M01.

Me and My Shadow
=$15 per 1 CD (Including shipping & handling fee.)
=$10 per 1 CD(If you order it with other CDs.)

I also have Stock of all the other CDs that CardiacTrance mentioned above.

If interested, please drop us a note at


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