glitchbent - KDSX (stream free, $4 download, 100% DS-10)

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glitchbent - KDSX (stream free, $4 download, 100% DS-10)

Post by glitchbent » Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:43 pm

Hey everyone! I've been using DS-10 since it came out and I finally got 16 tracks where I want them, as far as completion. I recorded them all from the song composer screen with no added effects.


The songs change a bit from the start to the end of each because the few intro phrases on each track were written years ago and by the end of them you get to what I've made more recently.

Feedback? I love constructive criticism and this is a genre I am very new to (electronic music in general).

PS: If you really want a copy and can't scrape up the money, message me and I'll possibly send you a free download code! This is the first time I am actually charging money for my music and I'm not sure if that is a great idea or not.

EDIT: Oh another fun fact is that I was planning on calling the album Boss Battles From My Life. That gives you an idea of the type of music, in my opinion. Haha!

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