The Industrialism - Ultrastage [cp-027]

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The Industrialism - Ultrastage [cp-027]

Post by The Industrialism » Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:50 pm

Ultrastage I is the first EP of 4 releases, mixed with experimental techno, house, drum and bass and IDM. Every release have one mood, the first: dancing; the second: agressive; the third: ambient feeling; the fourth: dark.

Ultrastage I is composed with house, techno and IDM tracks in the album. This album starts to show tracks more dance-oriented, unlike the others albums. The releases series of Ultrastage envolves 4 releases, a experimental 8bit glitch video-art and, possible, a world street tour.

"M1A1's second release for the Chippanze label and sixth album of the project The Industrialism by M1A1, the wonderboy of Rio de Janeiro and has only 15 years but has an electro-experimental sound to let a lot of older people to shame." -

You can download the EP here:
or listen/scrobble on Last.Fm ... trastage+I
Great listening!
Good headphones will be pleased to listen this.
Chippanze [cp-027]

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