Long time lurker; first time poster

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Long time lurker; first time poster

Post by S.T.E.V.E » Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:47 am

Greetings all! I have been perusing this sight for a couple months, trying to learn as much about the Korg DS and Synthesizing. I've been reading the Sound on Sound articles about synthesizing (a lot of it goes over my head) as well as studying music theory and as a result I am more adroit and confident with DS-10 than I was when I first started. That said, Some aspects I still have trouble understanding/ figuring out. I read that it's possible to make intervals by using the VCO 2 Pitch, I've tried numerous times to make a 3rd, a 5th and an octave, but I just can't get. Does anyone have a patch for intervals? I also have a question about the the X and Y Kaoss pad. Is each square suppose to represent a semitone?

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Re: Long time lurker; first time poster

Post by Geolm » Fri Jul 20, 2012 1:00 pm

Hi and welcome to the forum. Yes it's possible to have an "exact" 3rd or 5th interval using the VCO2. The best way to find an interval is to fill your 16 steps sequencer with 8 base notes and 8 target notes, then using muting on VCO1/2 you can find the correct pitch. I think someone posted a video for this technique, you get used to it, you can save your favorite pitch then. Other techniques are setting the pitch using your ears or counting pixels :)

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