Creating cords with staggered notes and Delay

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Creating cords with staggered notes and Delay

Post by Tyrannus » Sun Dec 30, 2012 9:47 pm

Hey guys, been trying to develop a technique that uses Delay with staggered notes in sequencer (think -_-_-_-_-) to produce a set of chords; although I've gotten it to work to a certain extent, is there a way to, in essence, mute the beginning few seconds of playback where the delay 'catches up' so to speak to produce the chord?


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Re: Creating cords with staggered notes and Delay

Post by Syscrusher » Mon Dec 31, 2012 3:39 pm

You can use a ramp LFO to "fade in" a note on the first pattern or the volume axis on the x/y grid (use the kaoss pad for smoothness) of the sequence and remove that patch/fade in on subsequent patterns. The real problem with what you want to do (if I understand correctly) is that the delay effects are "post fader" not "pre fader" - meaning any volume increase is always sending sound to the delay -this is good because the delay will trail off after a note fades out but it doesn't allow you to fade in a note with delay already applied. That being said, it certainly is possible to create triads and even more extended chords with well timed delays applied to arpeggios - many of my tunes (and others on the forum) use it extensively. Hope this helps!

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