Volume Control and Peak/Cutoff Automation Questions

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Volume Control and Peak/Cutoff Automation Questions

Post by ZenAbyss » Tue Nov 16, 2010 2:17 am

The only thing I have been having trouble as of recently is making solid drum beats (Since I don't any training at all), Volume Control and Peak/Cutoff.

Is there really any easy way to making Peak/Cutoff easy to reproduce without having to manually do it yourself live or recording?

And as for Volume control. I know that you can set certain notes at a certain volume but I was wondering if volume levels will stick per pattern when you set them in the mixer? I haven't spent the time trying to figure this out... any suggestions or information about this would be appreciated.


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Re: Volume Control and Peak/Cutoff Automation Questions

Post by NeoS » Tue Nov 16, 2010 2:28 am

The other ways to manipulate peak/cutoff other than via live & recording is to edit those two parameters manually in the kaoss pad x and y step sequencer tabs, apply a patch to the CUTOFF IN section of the patch screen, or set a value for EG INT in the Filter part of the synth edit screen (although I believe these latter two only manipulate cutoff.)

As for volume, if you set notes' volumes in the sequencer, those relative differences in volume will hold while moving the volume slider up or down in the mixer, but the overall dynamic for the part will, of course, change according to your movements.
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