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Help with recording and DAW advice

Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2011 3:04 am
by Zemata
So I got the behringer UCA222 audio interface ... 815&sr=8-2 today so I could record not using my comps line in. I have KRISTAL and Audacity installed and don't really know how to use them properly. I'm not looking for anything fancy like FL Studio, I just wanna know how to set these two up to record through my UCA222 at optimal levels. When I tried before work using audacity, the volume was too low when I played it back. On KRISTAL, I can't even get it to hear my audio coming in.

Just to clarify, here's my setup;

Laptop---->UCA222<-----DS connected to the inputs using a 2 RCA to 1/8 cable. And a pair of headphones on the UCA222 to monitor output.

Also it'd be real swell if someone could tell me how to make youtube vids for my songs or point me to a guide. Thanks