KLOUDYGIRL Live @ The Crackfox in St.Louis, MO

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KLOUDYGIRL Live @ The Crackfox in St.Louis, MO

Post by kloudygirl » Tue Nov 20, 2012 12:49 am

here's footage from my last stop during my midwest minitour with japaneseCARCRASH! we had a blast, and i hope u enjoy this video... its got clips from my songs: gamera, skull tension, a heavy version of aaliyah's 'if your girl only knew', and neon genesis evangelion mixup... plus sum bonus funstuff. :D

feel free to check out my youtube channel for moar of my videos from the tour, as well as a bunch of others i've done in the past. i created a playlist to organize my chip videos from my other random videos. :P

>click here for kloudygirl chipterror playlist<

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