Bleep Bloops - Glitchy W.I.P.

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Bleep Bloops - Glitchy W.I.P.

Post by Inkmo » Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:39 pm


Made this in about half an hour one night in Schism Tracker, which I don't use nearly enough. The first 36 seconds or so I really like. Not entirely sure about the drums (I just slapped them on instead of really tailoring something to the bassline like I should have) and that pad sound is definitely going...

Normally I'd wait until I had it more complete to post something, but I thought I'd ask you guys about the drums because I'm trying to decide where to go with them.

Oh, btw, I'm the guy in the comments saying 'after this point it's just junk'. "Inkmo" was already taken on soundcloud. Now off to write a sad country ballad about how some German kid stole my handle. :roll:
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