Another DS-10 fan here.

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Another DS-10 fan here.

Post by PuglyWont » Sun May 08, 2011 9:40 pm

Hello everyone. I've been making/composing/producing electronic music for about 6 years or so now... maybe longer I forget. I go under the name MegaPixel Music.

Synthesizers were always sort of iffy for me... I knew how to control them but I didn't know quite how to make the results musical. At the extremes a synthesizer will just sound like noise, but without those added touches it can sound sort of plain. It was sort of the same when I picked up the DS-10... when it first came out I didn't use it for 3 months or so. But then I started playing around with it... and I've been addicted ever since. I think it's a really a great learning tool for figuring out synths. They should put these things in schools or something...

Anyways I produce a fair amount of music using the Korg DS-10 exclusively. I have the original and Korg DS-10+... but I don't use the dual mode much. I mostly use the plus to mute tracks in song mode... and I like the limitations of working with just 6 voices.

I just ordered an import of M01... so I'm really excited for that.

I also produce music using Logic Pro... but I find myself returning to the DS-10... there's something direct and intimate about controlling a synth on a Nintendo with a touch screen.

I post all my music on my soundclick page... I probably should switch to soundcloud... but I'm too lazy.
EDIT: Actually on second thought here's my updated soundcloud page too.

Here are some youtubes of my music too...
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Re: Another DS-10 fan here.

Post by AudioArtist » Mon May 09, 2011 8:01 am

Welcome aboard!

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