ain't shy anymÖre

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ain't shy anymÖre

Post by waldÖrado » Thu Jan 12, 2012 12:03 pm

Hey there korgaddicts i'm from antwerp a city in belgium and spied this forum almost for a year ÖÖÖ
Me and music are like one, i started with beatboxing when i was 14 and untill a year ago i never actual did something with it. I started looking for a sampler to record my beatboxing and to let it loop etc. But i accidently ran on to this korg ds-10. I was amazed that this kind shit was possible on the nintendo ds and i felt in love with it and addicted.
the first 3, 4 months where realy though because i didn't had all any knowledge with synth, secquencers and stuff aaaand i wanted to get some shit out like datsik, excision, stagga,....
But with all thanks to this wonderfull forum i've found my path on the kÖrg ds10 and i did get some kind of those sounds :mrgreen: .
Now the day of today thanks to my addiction i've geared myself up with a custom made nintendo ds lite crystal white eye, an dsi xl, a 3DS and a Roland sp-404.
I hope next week that i can upload a track to let you addicts out there what im doing.

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Re: ain't shy anymÖre

Post by Geolm » Tue Jan 17, 2012 9:30 pm

welcome, let us hear your sound :)

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