Hello I'm new

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Hello I'm new

Post by baubie » Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:30 am

Hello community.
I can only make studio type predetermined music. I can't seem to improvise with electronic or digital music. The last time i improvised was when i used to play in a jazz quartet.
Two primary reasons I purchased DS-10 is to limit my options and hope than i can improvise better with practicing this and just enjoy without obessing like i do when i mix and master my other DAW works.
My other main reason is that i've been more serious lately about understanding synthetic sound design. I've been reading that series of articles on Sound on Sound to help me make more use of what i already have so i can create what i hear in my head. And since this is based on a classic, i feel it's bee a good history lesson for me, since 'patching" or modular synthesis i understand the least of.
So I went out and purchased the DS-10 plus today, the same day I saw the featured ariticle on CDM. (Yes i realize how extremely lucky I am to have found one so easily.) I heard some awesome stuff. I do realize it's the musicianship and practice that make it sound great and not the tools, but I definitly could tell from the vids the ability for a nice improvised work flow, unlike other apps that i've tried. It even seems to have some of the other more expensive hardware beat (in terms of movement and repetitiveness)

I used to dabble with nanoloop on my DS and I did enjoy it for a while, which is also why i found the DS-10 appealing. i excitedly got involved with nanoloop because back then it was the first time I seen anyone use something hand held to make music. It wore off after some time cause i never liked chip sounds much, but i had fun programming it. My current set-up is ableton as the hub, with a few external gear. (Monotron, Monotribe, cassette tape recorder, K-station, and a CS80. For controller I use a grid controller and a UC-33e.


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Re: Hello I'm new

Post by HarleyLikesMusic » Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:37 am

Nice to have you on the forum matey!
If you need any tips with synthesis on ds-10 just drop a post in the forum :)
DS-10 Producers that I have seen live:
AuxPulse, Critical Strike, DS-10 Dominator

(I will travel the world and add a lot more to this list one day)

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