Hi there, NDS composers

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Hi there, NDS composers

Post by Skyleo » Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:44 pm

Hello all !

I'm an hobbyist composer, and I recently discover the Korg's workstation on the Nintendo DS. I instantly fall in love with these amazing software, although it was the first time I could try a true synth though.
Actually, I'm into music for around 5 years now (and composed for almost 4 years), began when I was 14 years old. At this time, many musicians was already using VSTi, so I unfortunately missed the synth's era.
Nevertheless, I've always been interesed in "old-school" sound, since I, at first, begin music to compose like my favorite video games composers (that's why I bought a JV-1010). Moreover, I made my firsts compositions in Daigasso Band Brother and Nitro Tracker, and even now, I constantly compose with DAW like Cubase, but also Modplug Tracker.
In short, I can compose in modern style, with some huge VSTi, but I also love old sound and musical limitations, and there are the reasons I have a lot of fun with Korg ds !

Anecdotally, I was checking youtube if there was any 'NDS composer" in the net, and I found bryface : I loved so much his work ! As a consequence, I looked for other composer and this is how I found mistyminds, then inktrans (such good composers at the same time) and finally, the korg ds-10 forum.

Btw, my musical influences are quite large : video games composers like Akari Kaida, Mitsuda, Hamauzu, Sakimoto, Sakuraba, Koshiro, Yamane... But also a lot of other musicians, in many different styles ; from Ryuichi Sakamoto to Tribal Tech, Herbie Hancock to ELP, Maurice Ravel to Kate Bush, or Jimi Hendrix to Underground Resistance.
I play the classical and jazz piano because I learn both in musical acadamy and music faculty.

At last, i'm also in video games (and animes/mangas) since I was 6 years old (with the Game Boy Color Pokemon and all, good memories), mainly play japanese RPG, but also shoot them up such as Battle Garegga and other things...

Anyway, here are the firsts two trials I made on the Korg M01(I need more time to be skilled in the use of the Korg ds-10 tbh) :


This forum is full of gifted people, hope you keep up the good work everyone !

(and sorry for my bad english : I'm not an assiduous student and I'm french)

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