Grand Salutations Yall!

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Grand Salutations Yall!

Post by Wolf Headed Muse » Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:14 am

My name is Cory King sole member of the obscure project Wolf Headed Muse.
I am currently attending college for audio engineering. Music is my passion and I will continue to progress, In the past I have had my hand in multiple DM and BM bands..needless to say I grew weary of cooperating with incompetent and lesser musicians, So I looked towards making music solo via electronics. I figured since I was new to synths I would try something simple and affordable, enter Korg Ds-10+. I have owned Korg Ds-10 for a few months now and I love its mobility. That's all history now, I plan on doubling up my arsenal Now with another Dsi running R4i gold so I can incorporate Korg M01 and GlitchDS. Anyways..check out my material/page and chat me up, I am always up for learning new things such as: tips, techniques, and equipment. (personal facebook)

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