Vessel remix

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Vessel remix

Post by fluid » Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:28 pm

Since it seems like quite a few people here like NIN, I figured I'd link to this. I did this remix back when Year Zero came out since it included all the master files on DVD. I chose to remix Vessel because it was my least favorite song. I did this using Acid Pro on a company laptop when my job involved a lot of downtime. I used a guitar plugged into the mic input for the background guitar sound and a bunch of VST effects.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to upload to at the time, so I uploaded it to Myspace and I no longer have any of the files, so I can't attach it as an mp3 or post it to Soundcloud yet. Windows 7 can't record speaker output the way XP can, so I haven't gotten around saving the file. In the meantime, you can check it out if you wish by visiting my very old Myspace music page and clicking on the fourth track, "vesseldivine." There's a couple other tracks there as well; the first three are from ~1998, so it's mostly pretty old stuff.

If you like the other stuff on that page, I have a Xanga page that has all of my old stuff on it including some random beats and stuff. I'll probably migrate that to Soundcloud eventually.

Oh yeah, the link: And the Xanga page is at

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